Privacy Policy

I am a firm believer that privacy policies ought to be written in plain language. This document isn't really meant to be a legal disclaimer or binding contract, but rather information about how I use your data!

This website is a simple marketing page, and as such, data collection and usage is pretty minimal and straightforward.

Personal Information

This website requests a single piece of personally-identifiable information: your email address.

You can provide an email to receive email updates about the CSS for JavaScript Developers course. I expect to send updates every few weeks, and my hope is that they'll be super valuable; I like the idea of giving away a bunch of content.

There's no funny business. Your email address is stored in ConvertKit (my email service provider), and is never sold or given to anyone else. I won't try and sell you anything aside from the CSS for JavaScript Developers course (and, possibly in the distant future, other courses I create). No affiliate links or paid endorsements or anything like that.

When you sign up to receive email updates, you'll receive a confirmation link sent immediately. You need to click that link in order to receive email updates.

If you don't want to receive email from me anymore, you can unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of all emails I send. You can also reach out at, and I can manually remove you.

Tracking scripts

This website does use Google Analytics. It offers really valuable insights which help me understand how people are discovering this site, and whether it's effective.

That said, I recognize that some people really don't like the idea of Google gathering even more data about you. I've configured Google Analytics to respect the "Do Not Track" browser setting.

Cookies and friends

Aside from the aforementioned tracking scripts, this site doesn't use any cookies, or store any data in persistent storage (eg. localStorage, IndexedDB, etc).