Team Licenses

Purchase multiple licenses to level up the entire team! Each team member will receive full access to the “Ultimate” package of CSS for JavaScript Developers.

Common Questions

Will I receive a receipt?

Definitely! You'll receive a copy of your receipt immediately upon purchase. You'll be able to edit it to add any specific info you need (name, address, VAT numbers…).

What happens after I purchase?

When you purchase team licenses, an administrator account will be created for you. A few minutes after purchase, you'll be sent a login link by email.

You'll log onto my custom course platform. As a team administrator, you'll be able to send invitations to your teammates. You'll enter the names and emails of every license-holder, and they'll receive a welcome email with instructions for onboarding.

Can I purchase additional licenses later?

It isn't possible right now, but I intend on supporting it in the near future.

Can I reassign licenses?

In general, no. But in certain cases, we may be able to make exceptions. For example, if an employee leaves your organization shortly after receiving a license. But in general, you'll need to purchase new licenses for each additional teammate.

Is there a bulk discount?
Yes! If you buy at least 4 licenses, you'll receive a discount. Discounts depend on quantity and range from 10% to 20% off the current price.
Do team licenses support regional pricing?
Sorry — right now, team licenses are only available at the US price point. This is something I might change in the future.
Can I purchase team licenses for the Basic or Pro tier?

Afraid not. Team licenses only support the full course, AKA the “Ultimate” tier.