Team Licenses

Purchase multiple licenses to level up the entire team! Each team member will receive full access to the “Ultimate” package of CSS for JavaScript Developers.

Common Questions

Will I receive a receipt?

Definitely! You'll receive a copy of your receipt immediately upon purchase. You'll be able to edit it to add any specific info you need (name, address, VAT numbers…).

What happens after I purchase?

When you purchase team licenses, an administrator account will be created for you. A few minutes after purchase, you'll be sent a login link by email.

You'll log onto my custom course platform. As a team administrator, you'll be able to send invitations to your teammates. You'll enter the names and emails of every license-holder, and they'll receive a welcome email with instructions for onboarding.

Can I purchase additional licenses later?

Yes! You can purchase additional licenses through the Team Dashboard.

Can I reassign licenses?

In general, no. But in certain cases, we may be able to make exceptions. For example, if an employee leaves your organization shortly after receiving a license. But in general, you'll need to purchase new licenses for each additional teammate.

Is there a bulk discount?
Yes! If you buy at least 4 licenses, you'll receive a discount. Discounts depend on quantity and range from 10% to 20% off the current price.
Do team licenses support regional pricing?
Sorry — right now, team licenses are only available at the US price point. This is something I might change in the future.
Can I purchase team licenses for the Basic or Pro tier?

Afraid not. Only the full course (the “Ultimate” package) can be purchased in bulk.

Are progress reports available, so I can see how far along each team member is in the course?

Unfortunately not. I can absolutely understand that this information would be valuable, but I'm not totally comfortable exposing really granular information in the team dashboard.

If you're worried about team members not finishing the course, I do make a "Certificate of Completion" available. You can ask your team members to submit their certificates to verify that they've completed the course.

In the future, I do plan on adding additional data to the team dashboard, to help you understand how the team is progressing, but that data will likely be aggregated.